Latest Technology Equipments for Mass Spec Experiments

Vproteomics Facility is fully equipped with latest Thermo Orbitrap Mass Spectrometers, Triple Quadrupole MS from multiple vendors like Waters, Thermo for both Discovery and Targeted Mass Spectrometry experiments.

We also have agilent GC-MS for gas chromatography applications.

Apart from mass spectrometers we have peptide synthesizer, laser microdissection Microscope, microtomes and histopathology equipments having application in clinical research.

For sample preparation laboratory has sonicators, bead beaters, lyophilizer, speedvac and other equipment resulting in good quality lysates/samples for downstream mass spectrometry analysis.

At Vproteomics we take care of the client project by preparing high quality peptides/proteins/metabolites in our Mass Spectrometry facility.