VProteomics is a New Delhi based company providing high end Mass Spectrometry services to it’s academic, clinical and pharmaceutical clients in India.

The rapid development of new instrumentation and data analysis tools have made mass spectrometry a best-suited technology to study complex molecular and cellular processes in cells and organisms.

VProteomics Mass Spec company was founded in 2016 with the latest MS infrastructure and highly qualified technical support. VProteomics India Lab mission is to provide advanced Proteomics, Metabolomics and Clinical research Services to research community, hospitals and pharma clients in Indian market.


VProteomics consult and advice the research community throughout the several stages leading to a successful Mass Spectrometry based experiment. The expertise of the people at the VProteomics provides a unique support from the very initial steps of any project, such as the choice of the most suited protocols, the employment of a specific technology and the most cost-effective experimental design. Apart from advanced Mass Spectrometry setup, the facility’s computational capabilities include high end data processing, analysis and visualization capabilities


Centralized facility

Centralized facility based in New Delhi, India for easy access to advanced Mass Spectrometry setup in India.

Latest Infrastructure

Latest industry leading Mass Spec equipment infrastructure and support for research


Proteomics, Metabolomics, clinical and biomarker research services at one stop.

Data Analysis

Advanced statistical Data Analysis pipelines and customized coding