Method development for aromatic amino acid determination in Maize Plant

Aromatic amino acid determination: Using LC-MS/MS

An LC-MS method has been developed for quantitation of Aromatic amino acids in Maize Crop by Thermo Scientific TSQ Fortis LCMS/MS system equipped with Thermo Trace finder software.

In this study the SRM method has been developed to quantitate the amount of 3 aromatic amino acids (Tryptophan, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine) in maize crop. The lowest limit of quantitation was 1 ng/ml with good precision and accuracy.

SRM method was developed with pure standards,  matrix background and test samples

SRM method was optimized to get good selectivity and sensitivity in complex matrix. Method validation was performed before mass screening of field samples


Hundreds of samples were quantitatively measured using the validated method