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­VProteomics is a New Delhi based company providing high end Mass Spectrometry services to it's academic, clinical and pharmaceutical clients.

The rapid development of new instrumentation and data analysis tools have made mass spectrometry a best-suited technology to study complex molecular and cellular processes in cells and organisms. VProteomics Mass Spec company was founded in 2016 with the latest MS infrastructure and highly qualified technical support. VProteomics India Lab mission is to provide advanced Proteomics, Metabolomics and Clinical research Services to research community, hospitals and pharma clients in indian market.

Our Team


Gagan Deep Jhingan

Gagan Deep Jhingan

Gagan completed his Masters and Ph.D in Biotechnology from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He has worked as Wellcome/DBT Early Career Fellow at National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi (2010-15) and was a visiting guest researcher at Prof. Ruedi Aebersold Group, ETH, Zurich. He has specialization in the field of proteomics and is responsible for the development and management of VProteomics platform technology.

Gagan Deep Jhingan

Neda Mirsamadi

Neda completed her Masters and Ph.D in Biotechnology from Jawaharlal Nehru University. After her Ph.D, she successfully started her own enterpreunership business dealing with Pharma exports from India to International markets. Neda is responsible for financial and marketing strategy of VProteomics.

Scientific advisory board

Gagan Deep Jhingan

Ludovic Gillet

Ludovic Gillet is a senior scientist working in the group of Prof. Ruedi Aebersold at ETH Zürich, Switzerland since 2008. He has expertise in a wide range of proteomic methods (activity-based proteomics, glyco-proteomics, phospho-proteomics, targeted proteomics) that he has applied in the context of several drug screening and biomarker projects. In the past couple of years, he co-developed the SWATH MS data independent acquisition method on the 5600 TripleTOF in close collaboration with Sciex and is now developing new methodologies and applications of SWATH MS technology. He will act as an proteomics expert within the scientific advisory panel of VProteomics to provide technical and scientific insights on the most recent proteomic technologies.

Gagan Deep Jhingan

Amir Banaei-Esfahani

Amir was born in Iran where he obtained his master's degree in biotechnology from the University of Tehran. For his master thesis, he worked with Prof. Elahe Elahi to consider how Glaucoma-related genes expression is regulated by ocular microRNAs. Amir was introduced to concept of systems biology when he joined the School of Biological Sciences at IPM. He followed up this first experience by visiting the group of Prof. Jens Nielsen. There, He implemented a computational workflow to be able to predict regulatory protein modules of human's secretory machinery with a particular focus on GTPase superfamily. He also worked on the human cancer secretome database (HCSD) project. In the Aebersold group and as a PhD candidate, he is involved in the proteomic characterization of bacterial systems such as Escherichia coli and Mycobacterium tuberculosis using DIA/SWATH-MS based methods in the context of a larger Swiss consortium (TbX) and NIH funded program (Omics4TB).

Gagan Deep Jhingan

Prof. Alok Bhattacharya

Alok Bhattacharya (born 1951) is an Indian parasitologist, academic and a professor of School of Life Sciences & Computation and Integrative Sciences at Jawaharlal Nehru University. He is also a Professor of Life Sciences at Shiv Nadar University and a visiting faculty at Banaras Hindu University. He has contributed in number of areas including biology of the parasite Entamoeba histolytica, computation genomics and microRNAs in cancer. Dr. Bhattacharya has published about 150 papers and some of them are in highly reputed Journals. He chairs the Biotechnology Information System Network (BITSNET) as well as the Life Sciences Expert Committee of FIST program of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and chairs the Task force on Bioinformatics, Computation Biology and Systems Biology. He is a former vice president of the Indian National Science Academy (2011–13). Bhattacharya, a Robert McNamara Fellow of the World Bank (1985–86),[15] was awarded the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, one of the highest Indian science awards, by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in 1994. He is a J.C. Bose National Fellow of the Department of Science and Technology, India and an elected fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, Guha. Research Conference and the Indian Academy of Sciences. He received the Aryabhatta Medal of the Indian National Science Academy in 2015.

Gagan Deep Jhingan

Nancy Guillen Aghion

Nancy Guillen is Emeritus Research Director at CNRS, Institut Pasteur, France. She is a microbiologist, interested in genetics and in the regulation of gene expression of microorganisms, first in bacteriology and then in parasitology. Until 2015 she has headed a unit working on cell and molecular biology aspects of Entamoeba histolytica pathogenesis at the Pasteur Institute in France. Nancy Guillen is experienced in molecular biology and in cell biology of unicellular organisms. For the last 5 years her projects have combined cell biology, physics and mathematics in collaborations with physicists from the Pasteur and Curie Institutes. She has coordinated 14 grants notably two NORD-SUD projects, the European grant Phagoamoeba, Pasteur-Weizmann Research Council, several grant from the National Founding Agency, ANR, ECOS_NORD, European ERA-NET “AMOEBAC”. She is in charge of the cell biology section in the French National Laboratory of Excellence supporting Parasitology (Labex ParaFrap) and director of the Post Doctorants program in this Labex. Nancy Guillen has been member of the Scientific Council of the Pasteur Institute (Until 2011) and of the Scientific Council in the Animal Health Department-INRA, France (acting) and Co-Director of the Cell Biology and Infection Department, Institut Pasteur until 2014.

Gagan Deep Jhingan

Prof. Sudha Bhattacharya

Sudha Bhattacharya (born 1952) is an Indian academic, scientist and a writer currently a professor in School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Her major interests are non coding RNAs including rRNA and retrotransposons of Entamoeba histolytica. Dr. Bhattacharya's laboratory first detected Ribosomal RNA genes on Circular DNA and extensively studied processing of rRNA precursors and generation and functional role of SINEs and LINEs. Dr. Bhattacharya has published more than 120 papers and many of them are in highly reputed Journals. She has been awarded many prestigious fellowships/awards such as Robert McNamara Fellowship (World Bank), Rockfeller Biotechnology Career Development, JC Bose Fellowship and she is a fellow of all three major science academies of the country.

Working with Us

VProteomics consult and advice the research community throughout the several stages leading to a successful Mass Spectrometry based experiment. The expertise of the people at the VProteomics provides a unique support from the very initial steps of any project, such as the choice of the most suited protocols, the employment of a specific technology and the most cost-effective experimental design. Apart from advanced Mass Spectrometry setup, the facility’s computational capabilities include high end data processing, analysis and visualization capabilities


  • Centralized facility based in New Delhi, India for easy access.
  • Latest industry leading equipment infrastructure and support for research
  • Proteomics, Metabolomics, clinical and biomarker research at one stop.
  • Discovery and Targeted Proteomics expertise
  • High quality data generation and analysis
  • Cost effective with good project support
  • Highly qualified facility managers
  • High capacity computational analysis of data with latest bioinformatics tools


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